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Dr. A.S. Mohamed Rafee M.A. PhD.
Reader &Head
Mazharul Uloom College, Ambur

All praise to the Almighty.

Though ummi (unlettered) as he was, Prophet Muhammad (Sal) has emphasized the value of education in many a hadith (Tradition). “Seek Lnowledge even if it be in China’ and ‘It is the duty of every Muslim to get educated, male and female’ are two famous ones.  Islam is perhaps the only religion which has elevated education to the level of duty.

It is true that since the time of the Prophet, his ummat, the Muslims, have considered education to be a very important force in life.  But is also true that to most of them education meant religious education.  They were satisfied with an interpretation that was limited and have remained contended.

But is required far-sightedness to see beyond the walls of religion.  There were times when English was considered an irreligious Western technique for dividing the community and people, the thin end of the wedge as they say.  But people like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan saw through it a way out for multi-dimensional liberty.  Their altruism combined with far-sightedness made possible Aligarh Muslim University.


The beginning of all giant organizations has always been humble.  And so was it with the AMES which started the Madrasa-e-Mazharul Uloom in the precincts of the Chowk Masjid. It began as an unrecognized single teacher elementary school with just over 20 students on rolls.  It has grown steadily since then and has come a long way.

Mazharul Uloom School was started in the year 1920.  When the AMES celebrated its Golden Jubilee in the year 1955, the function was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Hon’ble K. Kamaraj and the imposing building was declared open by Janab Merit Haji Mohamed Ismail Sahib Bahadur.  The School now has a strength of nearly 2000 students from VI to XII.

It was in the academic year 1978-79 that the school was upgraded as Higher Secondary School.  Plus Two courses were offered in the same year with three groups all of which had Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Commerce, Accountancy and Economics in common.  While the First Group had in addition Botany, Zoology, Maths Vocational and Engineering, the Second Grouphad Biology, History, Vocational and L.Tech and the Third Group had Computer Science and Computer Science Vocational.

N.C.C.. N.S.S., Scout, Junior Red Cross, and Eco Club were started respectively in 1975-76, 1978-79, 1997-98, 1980-81 and 2002-03

The School had remarkable achievements in the field of Sports and Games at the State, National and International Levels.  One Mr. v. Mohamed Asif participated in nine events at the State Level and bagged eight medals in toto – two gold, two silver and four bronze medals, all in the year 2001-02 and 2002-03.  In 2004-05, Mr. D. Ramesh and Mr. S. Varadarajan won a gold medal each in Throw Ball competition.  Many students participated in the Throw Ball event and Karate at the National Level from 2000-05.  Mr. D. Ramesh and Mr. S. Varadarajan won a gold medal each in Throw Ball competition again at the International Level in the year 2005-06.

The School has all the features pertaining to a Higher Secondary School and more.  It has parallel English, Urdu and Tamil medium sections from standard VI to X which is very rare.  The English Medium sections of VI to X are self-financed.  It has 34 classrooms and an excellent library with 8778 volumes of books.  It offers five combinations of subjects in XI and XII.  The Computer Lab is an additional attraction.

The students enjoy Mid-day Meals, free bus pass and free uniform facilities. Textbooks and scholarships are extended through the State Govt.  Besides, the Management has also been offering free uniforms and special fees to deserving poor pupils.

Besides the usual activities, the school provides opportunities for hands on experience to students in woodwork, gardening, painting and computer.  Citizenship Training is also given to develop individuality and leadership qualities.  Creative talents are always encouraged.  Holding of Urdu poetry recitation called Mushaira is a regular feature of the school.  Audio visual aids are also available.

The school celebrates Independence Day, Republic Day but also the Prophets Birth day and Poets Days like those of Iqbal, Ghalib, Thiruvalluvar and Bharathi.  This would instill in the hearts of young people not only nationalism but also knowledge and respect of those who served the world and the nation in the most moral and creative ways possible to man.

The School’s focus has always been two fold : quality education and culture.  It tries to bring out the perfection already in man, though hidden.

The School had seen eleven headmasters so far, starting from the glorious personage of Natamkar Janab late N.M. Yahya Sahib who headed the administration of the School from 1949 to 1972.  Janabs Yelagiri Haji Anwar Basha, P.K. Mohamed Saleem, A.R. Khan, Mr. Ramamoorthy, Janabs. Jabbar Ali, Khalel Ahmed and Abdus Samad, Mr. Dvaraj, Janabs. Aslam Basha and S. Santh Batcha wert h other headmasters who came successively after lat Janab. N.M. Yahya Sahib.  But most of the headmasters headed the institution for short periods only, ranging from six months to one year.  Janab K. Aslam was the headmaster for 17 years from 1985-2002.  And Janab S. Santh Batcha is the present headmaster since 2002.

Though the AMES is a Muslim Organization, it has always honoured merit and talent beyond the bounds of religion.  In the fifty years of the School’s history, of the eleven headmasters, two of them were Brahmins.  Eminent and enlightening headmasters like Janab late N.M. Yahya Sahib have elevated the standard of the School by their clear-headed, honest, intelligent and diligent administration.

Education is open to students of all communities, though the minority and backward classes stand privileged.  (So is the case with Mazharul Uloom College also in which many staffs are non-Muslims and the students come from all communities).  The walls of caste, color and creed are always passed over whenever necessary.


The lofty ideals and noble notions of AMES were not confined to running a few schools for boys and girls.  Two elementary schools and two Higher Secondary schools are already run by it, Mazharul Uloom Hr. Sec. School being a major achievement. The AMES extended its service in the field of higher education also by founding the Mazharul Uloom College in Ambur in the year 1969.  It was a milestone in the history of AMES indeed.

With the establishment of the College in Ambur, we can gladly ascertain the fact that the vision of AMES for secular and moral education of youth came to perfection for the benefit of the society in general and the minority community in particular.

The College was inaugurated on 21-07-1969 with Pre-University classes in the heart of the town pr tempore and had a honour of Prof. Basheer Ahmed Usmani being appointed the first Principal of the College.  B.A Economics and B.Sc. Mathematics were introduced in 1971-72.  The University of Madras granted affiliation toB.Com in 1984-85 and B.Sc. Computer Science in 1987-88.  B.A. Economics has been converted to B.A. Corporate  Economics with Computer Applications from 2002-2003 and B.C.S to B.Com (CS) from 2005-2006.

From 24-01-72, the new degree classes started functioning in the newly constructed permanent buildings situated in a serene natural atmosphere lined with trees and greenery most conducive to uninterrupted and concentrated learning.

The introduction of the Evening College from 1995-96 was another milestone in the history of the College.  B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc. Microbiology, B.C.A., B.B.A and M.B.M are offered n the Evening college.  This was an accomplishment which is both institutional and individual, for without the arduous and ardent efforts of the present Principal Prof. D. Nisar Ahmed, the dream would not have come true.

The College is an approved coaching center for all the Undergraduate courses conducted by the Tamil Nadu Open University and the University of Madras under the Distance Education system.  And besides, the College conducts many social awareness programs in its premises every now and then, including certificate and diploma courses in Computer Awareness and Spoken English.

It is now affiliated to the newly formed Thiruvalluvar University at Vellore from the academic year 2003-2004.

The College has well-furnished classrooms, auditorium, hostel, mosque and playground.  The college library has an excellent collection of more than 30,000 volumes of books available for students and the staff.

In the year of the centenary celebration of AMES, it is most fitting to remember with gratitude all those great souls who made this College and other Institutions of AMES possible.  Late Alijanab Alhaj Anaikar Abdus Shukoor Sahib was the Founder President of the College whose vision and endeavours the college would have remained only a dream.  Alijanab Alhaj K. Khaleelur Rahman Sahib was the Founder Secretary-and-Correspondent of the college.

The College has had six Secretaries and Correspondents since its inception :
Alijanab Alhaj K. Khaleelur Rahman Sahib
Alijanab Alhaj C. Mohamed Akber Sahib
Alijanab Alhaj Ko. Rafeeque Ahmed Sahib
Alijanab Alhaj Khateeb Munawwar Hussain Sahib,
Alijanab Alhaj Bangi Akber Basha Sahib and
Alijanab Alhaj M.M. Kaleemullah Sahib

The present Secretary and correspondent is Alijanab M. Nazar Mohamed Sahib.

Special mention made of Late Alijanab Alhaj N.M. Yahya Sahib who acted as Executive Asst. Secretary to the college for many years.  He was one of the remarkable headmasters of Mazharul Uloom Hr. Sec. School.  As Executive Asst. Secretary, he was responsible for the smooth running of the Institution with his experience and expertise.

The college has had four Principals so far : Prof. Basheer Ahmed Usmani was the first Principal, succeeded by Prof. H. Bharkat Ali Khan, and Prof. P.M. Thameem Ansari who is perhaps the only principal whose term of serice as principal was the longest in the history of Principals in Tamil Nadu – nearly 20 years.  Prof. D. Nisar Ahmed was the next Principal (Now : Prof. Dr. P M Adil Ahmed)


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